The Fierce Gang

Pauline Prieto, Charo Ronquillo, Danica Magpantay, Georgina Wilson, Jasmine Maierhofer, Jessica Yang, Valerie Weignmann, and Vanessa Matsunaga

(a late Fashion Issue post)


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"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -- Ferris, from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

This serves as the official Tumblr account for the online magazine Tumblr Magazine Philippines, also known as TMPH. Operated by a group of Filipino microbloggers headed by Editor-In-Chief, Dexter Balita (dexternews) and seconded by Associate Editor, Pael Balbaboco (paelbalbaboco), this magazine caters different articles of different topics as according to the assigned theme for every issue.

Every month, TMPH releases its cover with a specific theme like art, body, travel, food, barkada, entertainment, books, literary, fashion, lifestyle, design, humor, photography, sports, politics, etc.


JULY 2011 - The Maiden Issue
AUGUST 2011 - The Art Issue
SEPTEMBER 2011 - The Body Issue I
SEPTEMBER 2011 - The Body Issue II
OCTOBER 2011 - The Travel Issue
NOVEMBER 2011 - The Barkada Issue
DECEMBER 2011 - The Holiday Issue
JANUARY 2012 - The Power Issue
FEBRUARY 2012 - The Green Issue I
FEBRUARY 2012 - The Green Issue II
MARCH 2012 - The Fashion Issue
APRIL 2012 - The Discovery Issue
MAY 2012 - The Style and Design Issue
JUNE 2012 - The Pop Cult Issue
JULY 2012 - The 1st Anniversary Issue (1)
JULY 2012 - The 1st Anniversary Issue (2)
JULY 2012 - The 1st Anniversary Issue (3)
AUGUST 2012 - The Rivalry Issue
SEPTEMBER 2012 - The Music Issue
OCTOBER 2012 - The Alpha Male Issue
NOVEMBER 2012 - The Femme Fatale Issue
DECEMBER 2012 - The Dark Issue
JANUARY 2013 - The Power Issue
FEBRUARY 2013 - The Art Issue
MARCH 2013 - The Fashion Issue
APRIL 2013 - The Literary Issue
MAY 2013 - The Photo Issue
JUNE 2013 - The Pop Cult Issue
JULY 2013 - The 2nd Anniversary Issue
AUGUST 2013 - The Food Issue
SEPTEMBER 2013 - The Music Issue
OCTOBER 2013 - The Discovery Issue
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2013 - The Year-End Issue
JANUARY 2014 - The Power Issue
FEBRUARY 2014 - The Art Issue
MARCH 2014 - The Men's Fashion Issue
APRIL 2014 - The Summer X Travel Issue
MAY 2014 - The Photo Issue



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