In his movie “School of Rock” back in 2003, Jack Black hated the man. A term he coined to all those who were on top of their league, the game-changers, those who deteriorated life in all its aspect. The man, was always someone who win and make you quit trying because they are the standards you have to compete with everyday of your life. The man was living in the spirit of each of every icon we’ll feature on our Power Issue this year. 


To the Filipino couturier to the Hollywood stars that gave inspiration to a lot of aspiring designers in the country and brought glory to our local fashion industry and proving that the Filipino mind when it comes to fashion can also be a front runner. Oliver Tolentino together with Michael Cinco and a lot other Filipino fashion designers who made it big in the international scene will always be a pride to our country, not just because they carry that pride and blood of our nationality, but for the effort of promoting our local products in the global fashion industry, making it a fine cut above the rest. Oliver Tolentino had Fergie, Melissa Rauch from Big Bang Theory, Amber Riley of Glee, Maria Menounos, Rachael Leigh Cook, Sophia Bush, Jessica Sanchez, Victoria Justice, and Emmy Rossum to name a few. 


PEOPLE Asia just named her the National Sweetheart, and she embraced it as tight as her belief that she’s the Princess of all media. Anne Curtis is everywhere. And that is the beauty we’d love to see every waking moment of our life. The beauty on the outside, the intelligence, the boundary she puts on when it comes to issues of fame, glamour, and personal life. She is a true definition of what an A-list celebrity is all about, and on BEING a celebrity. Everyone loves Anne Curtis. She made everyone looking up to her, love her craft, her personality, her boyfriend, and recently, her music. She will keep dominating EDSA with her numerous Billboard ads, and keep appearing on glossies, make more coming of age films, entertain you on daytime TV…because Anne Curtis ain’t no drama queen. She’s just a queen who owns the most gorgeous lips, being herself, keeping it classy.


The Superstar is back and bound to pick herself up again. Signed a contract on a TV Station and made an evening Teleserye. The Noranians revived themeselves as the fandom continues. With two entries at the recent Metro Manila Film Festival (Thy Womb and El Presidente), Nora Aunor ain’t just earning money this time, she’s earning back the glory and the respect that will always be placed on her lap in exchange of her acting prowess that will always be the standard every actress will set among themselves. The will to make more movies that really makes sense, that is the sports Nora Aunor will continue playing. Will she be the counterpart to FPJ’s National Artist award? That is the question that we’re all waiting.


The Filipino Flash. Yahoo Sports, Ring TV, Top Rank, named him Fighter of the Year. As for ESPN who named our very own Nonito Donaire, Boxer of the Year. After defeating Puerto Rico’s Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., South Africa’s Jeffrey Mathebula, japan’s Toshiaki Nishioka and putting Mexico’s Jorge Arce to permanent rest in his boxing career, there is no stopping Nonito Donaire as Boxing’s next big thing. He is the Number 1 drug-free pound for pound boxer. He also overtakes People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao in the Pound for pound ranking. Pacquiao at 7 and Donaire at rank 6. There is a bright future in the world of boxing as The Filipino Flash becomes the newest flag bearer proving the rest of the world,that we are the best fighters. 


Paulo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV is someone to look up to. His web of interests just simply amaze us because those things define what an Aquino should really be all about. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Bam Aquino was also the former chairman of the National Youth Commission. He’s running and the acting president of MicroVentures Inc. helping starting businesses to grow and earn well with the help of The Hapinoy Program. But what made Bam Aquino an even notable man was after he was chosen as one of the Ten Outstanding Persons of 2012. Right now, he is about to take on the role of being a public servant as he joins the Liberal Party as a senatorial candidate for 2013. 


Kesz Valdez is the Pinoy Peace Prize awardee, the most prestigious award for children all over the world. Kesz was our young Efren Peñaflorida. Inspired by the beauty of helping his fellow street children, Kesz started this charity foundation that raises funds for the less fortunate kids on the street of Cavite.  “Championing Community Children,” was the name of that charity. This heroic move made everyone look up to him and realize for themselves what good things can come up from little kids. That at that very young age, already thinks of helping his fellow children, and making changes in their lives. 


Miss Universe 2012 First Runner Up, Janine Tugonon, was both the least and most celebrated Binibining Pilipinas Universe we ever had. After losing at the the 2011 Binibining Pilipinas, she struggled making decisions whther to join the year after her loss. After winning the crown in 2012 and was chosen to represent the country in Ms. Universe, not everyone was enthralled with the big winner that night. She was bashed, hated, and summoned for all the negative things many people believe she can’t do, like winning that Ms. Universe crown after two strikes at the beauty pageant for the past two years. After shaping herself up, janine Tugonon stood up for what she’s worth and cobra walked her way to the highlight of the international pageant, the final two. So close to the crown. So close to winning the coveted title. So close to that huge slap to all her haters. But her victory in landing to that 1st runner up spot was already a solid proof that this year, we had the strongest contender we all underestimated. And for three straight years, we have skipped the fictional pattern of victory. Janine was our cobra. That unexpected bite at the crown was the feircest and most fearless battle we had on that Miss Universe stage. Now all eyes on the next contender we’ll be having. 

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